Small Penis

Do you have a small penis? Goddess Jordyn's guide on how to know if you're too small and how to cope with it.

SELF ASSESSMENT Stand in front of a mirror with good lighting. Take a good hard honest look at your crotch. First note the color. Is it dark or more of ap ink whitish color? If you're Caucasian there is a good chance that you have a small and thin penis. Black dicks are sometimes small, but it's very rare.

Ask yourself a few questions and be honest. Do you see something that resembles a vienna sausage or is more of a bratwurst? Have you ever taken off your pants after things were getting hot and heavy but then a woman suddenly mentions that she had to get up early the next morning, grabs her purse and dips out the door? Have you ever been mid coitus and never felt her cervix with the tip of your penis? Has the condom slipped off? Even if you think you may have given a woman an orgasm there is a very good chance she was faking it. About 80% of women do and the most common reason is they do is because they are bored and want sex with you to END, without hurting your feelings.

Get a small measuring tape. When your penis is erect, place it on the top side and measure from the base of your penis to the tip. Is it less than 7 inches? If so there is good chance that you have a less than satisfactory penis. Something you likely already suspect. If it measures less than 6 inches you are small indeed. Less than 5? You have no business talking to women. Less than that? You need to consider getting that growth removed.

SUBSTITUTE Now if you've determined that you're unfuckable and you are fully aware that your penis is a disgrace, resolve to accept it and stop calling it a penis. Stop misleading women into believing they are going on a date with an actual man capable of complete intercourse.

When you meet a women you need to be upfront about your condition from the start. Put it on your dating profile. Put it on your LinkdIn. If that's too much for you at least let a women know before you invite her out so that you don't waste her time and get her hopes up. Many women deeply resent males who put them in this uncomfortable situation, wasting their time. They could have gone out on a date with a man who has an actual full grown dick. Don't be mad at us. It's not our fault that your penis stopped growing at a young age. It has a lot to do with all of the chemicals in the environment today and that is actually the fault of a male driven society.

If by some miracle you are still able to get a woman to agree to date you, and dare I say actually have any form of "sex" with you, as I've said let her know right up front that you have a small dick and offer that you will do everything in your power to make it up to her in other ways. Obviously your best option is spending plenty of money and getting good at oral. Let's be honest that's far from enough. Males with small penises like to imagine that their tongue is somehow a substitute for having next to no ability to stimulate a women vaginally. I'm here to tell you it's not.

Most women need their vaginas deeply massaged and stretched to really feel happy with their partner sexually. So offer to keep it hidden away and use a dildo in place of your mini penis. Go to an adult store. Select a good quality harness and BUY a penis in a proper size. One that is capable of satisfying a women. Put a chastity device on. Then put your underwear on over that so she doesn't have to be weirded out by your ugly worm. Then put the big boy sized dick over that, and do your best to work it deep.

You'll see a true look of pleasure on her face. One that you've probably never actually seen before. You'll hear her make sounds you've never heard a women make before. The sounds may seem strange and foreign at first, as you are used to the sounds you hear in porn. You are accustom to hearing and seeing women put on a performance of pleasure for the male gaze and ear. So you'll see and hear for the very first time a women experiencing actual sexual pleasure.

BECOME A CUCKOLD The real truth is that you shouldn't put any women through all the aforementioned nonsense at all. Because truthfully small penises are just not exciting at all. Not to look at, not to touch and certainly not to fuck.

You should just skip right to being a cuckold. This involves you giving up on your penis and your selfish sexual desires all together and deriving your pleasure from HER pleasure. Focusing all of your energy on pleasing her. This is the right and ethical thing to do. Make it clear that she can have sex with whomever she pleases, when ever she pleases. You will pay for her dates. Help her get ready. She can have sex in front of you if that suits her. Even better, offer to procure lovers for her. Masculine men with proper testosterone levels who grew actual penises to an adult size. If She and He are comfortable with your presence during their lovemaking, consider yourself lucky and offer to be helpful by preparing refreshments and fresh towels. Wiping the sweat from his brow while he works his dick inside of her. Offer "to clean up." When you're not "in use" make yourself small and stay out of the way.

I hope this guide helps. I created it to dispel common myths like "size doesn't matter" or "its the motion in the ocean" Personally I gag a little bit when ever I see a small penis. I can hardly stand to look at them on slaves. I actually become angry when I see them bare and want to destroy them. I think it's subconscious instinct like "don't let this male reproduce it's bad for the species." Anyways. Be well. Keep your head down your dick tucked.

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