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The best way to reach me is with a clear and thoughtful message.

Email: worshipjordyn@protonmail.com

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I'm a professional dominatrix practicing an alternative lifestyle in Seattle Washington. I've had the privilege of spending most of my adult life as an entertainer, professional succubus and personal femdom deity

I have an unceasing curiosity about the world and human nature. My greatest pleasure is discovering new things, new places and the mysteries of the male mind.

I strongly favor service slaves, humiliation addicts, financial slaves, foot and latex worshiping slaves.

If you know only one thing about me, know that I love tease and denial and locking men in chastity.

Of course I take great pleasure in putting men through wide array of physical torments but mental domination is everything. Whether that begins as a slow and insidious take over of your unconscious mind or an intense reprogramming of your brain. The mind controls the slave's body and subsequently his entire world. This is how a slave becomes reduced to nothing more than slave meat in a harem of hopeless fools.

Being worshiped by slaves is what makes Me happiest. True slavery and devotion takes time because trust takes time. In the BDSM relationship trust is a two way street and becoming my slave is a journey.

Surrendering the body can happen in an instant but owning the soul is a journey that takes time and effort by both participants. It all begins with you taking the first step into my world and then tumbling down into the abyss of ecstasy and agony that is serving Me.

I've met many amazing people over the course of this experience from all over the world.

If you are reading this and we haven't met each other yet perhaps we will have a connection that will last a long time. We will only meet once. In either case I'm almost positive that you will never forget the impact of our encounter.



My Twitter and Instagram





blackmail fantasy




edge play



forced feminization

forced intox



slut training

total power exchange

No scat.

No sex.

No illegal activities



I offer real time sessions in Seattle and long distance domination to those that are unable to meet me in person.

Real time sessions in Seattle take place in a well equipped dungeon by appointment. If I'm traveling I use dungeons or an upscale hotel depending on the location.

You need to understand that I get very busy and I cannot accommodate last minute session requests. So plan in advance.

A tribute is always required for my time. I do not need any personal slaves at this time so do not ask.

A deposit is required to reserve a first time session.

The Rules

There are a few things that you must know.

I have ZERO tolerance for bad behavior or having my precious time wasted in any way.

I have a polite and considerate side. Being polite and having good manners is an expression of self respect and dignity. Do not make the embarrassing error of mistaking this weakness because you will regret it

I have a very cruel side. This is the side that enjoys watching you suffer. Seeing you twitch. This side feels pleasure watching welts and bruises appear across your skin and smiles when reducing you to a groveling slobbering animal begging to keep it's balls.

I expect you to use proper forms of address. Goddess, Mistress, Your highness, Your Holiness and so on.

If you fail to follow my guidelines know that I will remind you but this reminder could be painful. If you continue to break my rules you will be dismissed, ejected from my presence and exiled.

Separation from the Goddess is hell. Redemption is expensive and the terms are not negotiable, if it is even an option that remains for you.



If you are meeting me in Seattle the tribute is as follows.

Real Time Sessions

1 hour 300

3 hours 800

12 hours 2000

24 hours 3200 *

*24 hour and multi day sessions will include 8 hours of undisturbed Goddess beauty sleep while slave sleeps in silent bondage.

A deposit of 25% is required to reserve for first time slaves. This is payable by an emailing me an amazon gift card.

A tribute is something that you give with joy because you want your Goddess to be happy. Attempting to negotiate my tribute is a turn off and gets you instantly disqualified. No Goddess has time for that.

If you want to get me something special my wishlist is here. I don't post tributes to twitter but I will send you a photo of me enjoying your tributes.


Long Distance

Video calls by whatsapp 100 for every 20 minutes.

Monthly slavery includes texting, pictures, voice recording and ongoing training by Whatsapp. 500 monthly.

Text Whatsapp Only


Upcomming Travel

I am planning visits to the following locations. The dates and details will be posted as arrangements are confirmed. I'm also available to travel for the right person if you are able to meet my requirements such as airfare, 5 star hotel and tribute for time and video verification session.

Dates to be announced.

Los Angelos
New York
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur


The best way to reach me is with a clear and thoughtful message.

Email: worshipjordyn@protonmail.com

Text Whatsapp Only


My Twitter and Instagram



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